Outdated, inefficient and humiliating—India deserves freedom from these laws

Narendra Modi’s government has restarted the process of statutory legal reform that had been stalled for a while. The last serious effort at reviewing and systematically eliminating ineffective, outmoded and counter productive legislation was spearheaded by Arun Shourie in 2001 under the Vajpayee government. The prime minister said during his speech at Madison Square Garden in New York that as opposed to other politicians’ lust for new legislation, he will be happier if he can repeal one law every day!


India To Scrap 100 Outdated Laws

India will soon repeal more than 100 laws that make no sense in a modern, market-oriented economy. After receiving the government’s instructions in this regard, the Centre for Civil Society, the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) and the Vidhi Legal Centre have jointly prepared a report, named ‘100 Laws Repeal Project’, identifying such rules and regulations.


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