Education Reforms

बेहतर शिक्षा पर हो सरकार का जोर

Prabhat Khabar (Gaya Edition)
Publication Date: 
24 February 2015

Human resource greatest strength of S Asia

Islamabad: Participants of a policy discussion forum stated that the greatest strength of South Asia is its human resource — a young population — and innovative initiatives through partnerships can help utilise this workforce in overcoming deprivation and discrimination for substantive equity for all people.

The News
Publication Date: 
21 January 2014

Reading the writing on the wall

Author: Parth J Shah and K Satyanarayan
Publication: The Financial Express , 23 January 2012
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The debate on education reforms has been severely hampered by the lack of reliable data, particularly on learning outcomes. The government data focuses on what government does—outlays and inputs into the school system. It tells us how much money has been allocated, how many boundaries walls and toilets are built, how many teachers are hired. It does not tell us what ultimately matters—that how much real learning is happening.

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