Social Change & Public Policy by Parth J Shah

What is public policy? A public policy is basically a law or rule that is enforced by any level of government, whether central, state, or local. Our activist judiciary also makes public policy: that all public transport in Delhi must run on CNG, for example, was a Supreme Court decree.

Book by Parth J Shah

Tom Palmer has edited a remarkable series of essays which bring together some of the best thinking about the ethical dimension of the market. I am honoured to be invited to contribute to this debate through this foreword.

- Gurcharan Das, Author, Commentator, Public Intellectual

Book by Parth J Shah

This volume draws on the experiences of thirteen authors involved in classical liberal think tanks in different parts of the world. The contributors identify the strategies that have proved successful in influencing the public policy and explain how they can be adapted to local circumstances.

Book by Parth J Shah

Jointly published with the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies, it provides a set of policy solutions for various areas from education to financial markets.

Economic Freedom of the World 2004

Indian edition of the Economic Freedom of the World 2004. Originally published by The Fraser Institute in Vancouver, Canada in association with more than fifty liberal think tanks around the world.

Friedman on India

A set of articles that Milton Friedman wrote on the Indian economy during his visits to India in the fifties and sixties critiquing the policies of planning and correctly predicting their disastrous results.

Profiles in Courage: Dissent on Indian Socialism

A compendium on the lone voices of liberalism and economic freedom, including those of Minoo Masani, Rajaji, N G Ranga, B R Shenoy, Piloo Mody, Khasa Subba Rau and A D Shroff during the era of socialist command.

Economic Prophecies: B R Shenoy

A collection of theoretical writings dating from 1932 to 1953, the time when B R Shenoy was studying at the London School of Economics, till the Indian Republic took its first steps on the road to economic development.

Morality of Markets

Morality of Markets presents a unique compilation of essays by distinguished economists, ethicists, and theologians that explores the moral and ethical foundations of the free market. The essay comprehensively address critical issues ranging from the underlying ethics of voluntary exchange, morality in commerce and corporation, the immorality of state intervention, and the role of markets in the teaching of major world religions. Read review of this book at Bihar Diary.

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