Theoretical Vision: B R Shenoy

A collection of Professor BR Shenoy's popular writings challenging the Indian socialist system and his theoretical contributions in two volumes.

Law, Liberty and Livelihood: Making A Living On The Street

A path - breaking study of what ails the urban poor, with detailed analysis of laws, personal interviews, field research, and case studies, the book shows that the absence of economic freedom is the main source of urban poverty. The study looks at state and municipal regulations to trace their debilitating effects on the working class poor. By researching issues at the ground level, the study details how these problems are caused, and provides policy solutions to manage them.

Terracotta Reader : A Market Approach to the Environment

The book introduces the terracotta approach to environmental management which involves changing of incentives for preserving environment by restructuring ownership and pricing of resources . It talks of giving communities property right to natural resources which would achieve the dual objective of the resource preservation and poverty alleviation.

Ward Power: Decentralized Urban Governance

The book focuses on the functioning of urban municipalities. It attempts to provide answers to very pertinent questions-'How can an ordinary citizen demand accountability from the mighty Municipality in whose hands are vital services like water, electricity supply, garbage removal, roads and primary education?

The handbook offers a spectrum of choicest of articles that capture the essence of good governance. The rich menu has insightful contributions on New Public Management, decentralisation, participation, accountability and e-governance. Illustrative case studies on public-private partnerships exemplify sustainable service delivery models worldwide. This digest is a swift route to grasping the fundamentals of governance for politicians, administrators, civil society members and students.

ViewPoint 1: Do Corporations Have Social Responsibility?: Edited by Parth J Shah

A compilation of articles by Milton Friedman and Alexei M Marcoux challenging the conventional view on corporate social responsibility.

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