What Milton Means to Me

  • Posted on: 9 September 2013
  • By: Parth

2012 is the centennial of Milton Friedman's birth (31 July 1912) and Free To Choose Network (http://freetochoose.net/) is organizing a worldwide effort to celebrate the winning ideas of freedom. As part of the celebrations, they have called on all those who have been inspired by Milton's ideas to submit a short YouTube video about "What Milton Means to Me" (http://www.miltonfriedmanscentury.org) to showcase how his ideas have impacted them.

My work in India with Centre for Civil Society (http://www.ccs.in/) is largely based on his School Voucher idea. I share with you in this video my personal relationship with Milton Friedman and how his belief in choice and empowering students and parents gave me the inspiration to launch India's School Choice Campaign (http://www.schoolchoice.in/). Although many believed that this idea was great in principle and not practice, we have successfully demonstrated its impact through India's first Voucher Pilot, thereby, changing mindsets and revolutionising public debate on school choice in India.

This contest comes at the perfect time because Milton's birthday on 31 July also marks the successful completion of four years of our School Choice Campaign. This video is my entry for the contest.