Data on Education Should be Released Without Processing it

The cleaned, verified and anonymised data is called raw data or also analysis-ready data. This is the data that should be made available to the public so that they can do their own analysis.

The Annual Status of Educational Report (ASER) 2017 brought to light the Beyond Basics survey conducted on students between the age group of 14-18. Founder president of the Centre for Civil Society, Parth J Shah, demands that the entire data be uploaded on public domain as a lot of it is lost in processing.

A future privacy law can learn from RTI

The success of the RTI Act has given us an ideal template that we must use to draft and implement a future right to personal information and privacy

Transparent Marking

All data on education outcomes must be in public, not just the processed ones

India needs a National Repeal Law Day

The plethora of static and obsolete laws make it seem that the exiled colonial master is still in power

Creating a citizen-led market for welfare

Let citizens, not the state, decide the allocation of public money to civil society organizations

What is the best way to help others? Basically there are three options: